April 9

Have You Asked Yourself The Right Questions Before Your Breast Lift Surgery?

download (8)It’s quite normal for someone expecting a breast lift surgery to seek out as much information as possible concerning the procedure. However, while you seek answers from professionals and other sources, you might forget to ask yourself some critical questions concerning your operation.

Sometimes, you might overlook really sensitive self-evaluations concerning your true motivation for seeking surgery. If you don’t critically analyse such personal aspects, you might never be truly satisfied with the results of surgery.

1. Why Do You Really Want the Surgical Operation?

If you are not concisely clear about the exact reason for seeking surgery, you wouldn’t know which particular operation you need.

Perhaps, you might not be too sure whether you just want to improve the perkiness of your boobs or you also need to improve their size. In this regard, you should realize that a breast uplift would only improve perkiness; whereas, an augmentation surgery would be the option to take for a fuller appearance.

Therefore, if you go for a lifting procedure, you should be very comfortable with the size of your boobs. Otherwise, you might find yourself going for follow-up surgery just to get in some implants, when this might have been done altogether in one operation.

Fortunately, expert surgeons can help you visualize the expected results of surgery so that you can actually have a feel of what you will get. This should help clear your mind on your expected goals.

2. What Led You to this Decision?

The underlying reason for seeking surgery would also play a key role in the satisfaction you get from surgery. You definitely need to have legitimate reasons, especially since the operation would have long-lasting effects, which you cannot easily undo if you change your mind afterwards.

You shouldn’t base your reasons on other people, like trying to get the appearance of well-known celebrities. Basing your decision on flimsy fashion trends is also not advisable, since such trends can easily change.

Your decisions should be based on improving your physical appearance or improving your own self-esteem.

Indeed, a study carried out at the Boston’s Children Hospital revealed that corrective breast surgery would be instrumental in combating poor emotional well-being and low self-esteem in teenage girls who had asymmetric breasts. This study uncovered the fact that the effects of having uneven or abnormally large breasts had the potential of significantly affecting the mental health of teenage girls. Hence, the legitimate need for surgery.

3. How Will You Deal With Scars?

The fact that surgery would involve some extent of incision means that you will have a bit or scarring. For sure, such scarring wouldn’t be too visible, since modern surgical techniques greatly minimize the extent of incisions during surgery.

However, it may be that you would be involved in certain activities, whereby you wouldn’t want even that little bit of scarring to be visible. Therefore, you might need to re-schedule your operation to a later date.

You would need to make a similar consideration regarding breastfeeding and pregnancy. Have you finally decided that you won’t have any more children? If you haven’t, it would be better if you delay the operation until later.


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April 3

Breast Augmentation: Complications Caused By Breast Implants

download (7)Whether you have a silicone or saline implant, which are the main types of implants used in breast augmentation, you face possible risks and complications that are likely to occur either in the early stages of surgery or during the latter stages. As much as the result of surgery may be quite appealing, it doesn’t mean everything would always go smoothly. On the contrary, augmentation procedures may have various complications.

Here are some of the complications you are likely to encounter:

During the Early Stages

Some issues that may arise during the early stages include:


Cosmetic surgeons normally use an antibiotic in order to avoid any infection that may occur when an individual decides to have an implant.

Some of the symptoms that show you are infected are itching of the nipple, redness and swelling of the breasts. Without appropriate preventive measures, such infection is one of the complications that is likely to occur.

Hypertrophic scars

This is the kind of scar that normally occurs on the skin as a result of surgery. Such scars are normally puffy, red and always stand out on the skin. The scar is likely to affect an individual who has undergone augmentation of the breasts. Fortunately, the percentage of individuals affected by such a scar is low, but it’s still a complication that is likely to occur.

Implant exposure

The implant can get exposed through an open wound that occurs when wounds separate and in turn expose the implant. This might require corrective surgery to close the wound back to the way it was.

Late Complications

These are the late or latter complications that are likely to occur:

Leakage or breast implant rupture

Breast implant rupture is a common complication that normally occurs with saline breast implants. When it ruptures, you can easily notice the symptoms of such rupturing.

With regard to silicone breast implants, it’s not that easy to detect any symptom that the implant has ruptured, which might pose certain health risks.

Imbalance of breast sizes

The sizes of your breasts may differ, with one breast being a little bigger than the other. This, in turn, forces an individual to go back for another surgery in order to restore balance in breast sizes.

Breast imbalance occurs when implants are not placed in the correct position or they start sagging, so they have to be corrected through surgery.

Loss of breast sensation

Surgery might affect sensitivity of the nipple; hence, you might not be able to experience any kind of sensation around the nipple. Fortunately, not every woman who undergoes this surgical procedure ends up losing breast sensation. A good number of people who have undergone surgery still maintain sensitivity of their breasts.

Despite such risks of complications, you can reduce your chances of developing such adverse effects by enlisting the services of a competent plastic surgeon. Such a surgeon would have extensive experience handling numerous surgical procedures, which would enable him/ her to easily identify and prevent potential complications.


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March 30

Breast Lift: Myths Vs Facts

download (6)Are you new to surgical cosmetic procedures and do not know whether what you have been told is myth or fact? Here are a few misconceptions that surround breast lift surgery that have been proven to be simply myths.

1. Chest Exercises Will Keep Your Breasts From Sagging

Fact: Exercises will help improve your pectoral muscles, which are found beneath the breasts, but they will have no effect on the positioning of your breasts. Breasts tend to sag as a result of various factors such as age, weight fluctuations and heredity. Breasts are made of fatty cells and contain no muscles. Hence, chest exercises may improve the appearance of breasts as a result of exercising the pectoral muscles underneath, but there is no way to prevent sagging save for a surgical procedure.

2. High-Impact Exercises such as Running Will Cause Sagging of Breasts

Fact: There is very little research available on this particular matter; however, there has been no known link between high-impact exercises and sagging breasts. You are advised to wear a sports bra during exercise as this will help prevent a sore chest caused by your breast moving around too much. You are more likely to develop sagging breasts as a result of overexposure to the sun as compared to high-impact exercises.

3. Getting Breast Implants Will Make Your Breasts Perky

Fact: Plastic surgery is different for everyone as each person has his/ her specific needs. Different breast procedures have different results. For instance, breast augmentation will increase the size of your breasts, but may not necessarily make them perkier. However, a lifting procedure combined with breast augmentation may help your breasts look perkier.

4. Your Cosmetic Surgery Results Will Last Forever

Fact: Breasts will sag for a number of reasons such as weight, age and hereditary. A procedure involving lifting of the breasts will only cheat the clock for a few years; however, there is no way to prevent the ageing process. Breasts sag as skin loses its elasticity, and eventually its firmness. In as much as you cannot expect your breasts to look younger a few years after the procedure, they will look better than they would have had had you not done the procedure.

5. Fat Transfers Make Your Breasts Immune to Weight Fluctuations

Fact: The fat cells in your breasts are affected by weight loss just like the fat cells in other parts of your body. In as much as a breast procedure will make your breasts look youthful, there is nothing you can do to prevent the effect weight fluctuations will have on their appearance. You can prolong the results from your procedure by maintaining a constant and healthy weight.

6. Creams and Supplements Can Replace Breast Procedures

Fact: Do not fall into the trap of various products on the market, claiming that they can magically enhance the shape, size and beauty of your breasts. Because sagging is caused by natural elements such as the skin losing its elasticity, no amount of miracle portion will reverse that.


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March 25

Breast Augmentation: Which Is The Best Breast Implant?

download (5)Beauty, for the longest time, has been evolving. Its meaning and the way we view it has been changing. We also have new and innovative methods of achieving the kind of physical beauty we desire – something that didn’t exist in the past. One such innovative method is augmentation surgery of the breast.

With new technological processes, many other kinds of surgical procedures are being used and improved every day. For instance, instead of implanting foreign material into your body, you can now move excess body fat from other parts of your body and get it inserted on your breasts or any other body parts.

This article focuses on the use of implants in augmentation of the breast as a surgical procedure aimed at transforming your physical appearance.

Use Of Breast Implants In Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation is a beauty plastic surgery procedure that has become quite popular with women. When one thinks of having a breast enhancement surgery done, one of the most popular options available is having an implant.

When you decide to have augmentation surgery, you might not be sure which type of implant to have. What it actually means to have a silicone or saline implant procedure done is not clear to many individuals. There exist numerous differences in the particular features of each type of implant…

What Does It Mean To Have A Silicone Breast Implant?

A silicone implant is not a life time thing; hence, at some point it has to be removed, since it gets worn out over a certain period of time. It’s an artificial material that is pouch-shaped and designed to fit in a woman’s breast. It’s filled with gel-like content, which when implanted into a woman’s breast gives the breast a natural appearance. The gel is always pre-filled. The estimated time that a woman can have the implant is around 20 years.

Biologically, a woman’s breast growth usually occurs up till they are 18 years. This is why before one can be legally allowed to have such a procedure they have to be at least 22 years old.

The silicone implant also has its disadvantages. For instance, the pain that you feel after the surgery and the cost of having such a surgical operation (normally, health insurers don’t cover such procedures). It’s also not easy to detect if the implant has ruptured.

What Is A Saline Breast Implant?

Unlike the silicone implant, this type of breast implant involves the use of sterile salt water. The sterile water is normally filled into pouches that are breast shaped, through a valve. This sterile water is normally filled after inserting an empty pouch.

This type of breast implant also has almost similar disadvantages as the ones related to silicone implants; but once the saline implant raptures, it’s normally absorbed in the body and does not pose any health problems unlike the silicone implant (once it has leaked or ruptured, then you have to undergo reconstructive surgery to remove the gel and correct the damage that has occurred).


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March 15

Why You May Not Be Suitable For a Breast Lift Even If You Want It

download (4)As much as you may want a breast lift surgery, your surgeon’s expert opinion would always give the ultimate guide on whether you should go ahead with the procedure or not.

There are quite a number of aspects, including physiological and anatomical factors, that are considered before deciding whether to go on with the procedure or not. And sometimes, you just might not be a suitable candidate for the procedure. Even then, it may still be possible to change certain aspects to make you fit for the operation.

1. Do You Have Unrealistic Expectations?

If you have such unrealistic expectations like getting the look of a famous celebrity, breast uplift surgery may not be the best solution for you. It really isn’t possible to get someone else’s look, especially since we each have very unique physical features.

Even if it were possible to get a certain look for your breasts, it might appear out-of-place when compared with the rest of your body. This is why surgeons always spend sufficient time consulting with patients beforehand, in order to temper their expectations to more realistic levels. An expert surgeon would always strive to deliver a look that fits in seamlessly with your entire physical appearance.

2. You Just Don’t Have the Characteristics of a Good Candidate for Surgery

The Australasian Foundation for Plastic Surgery provides a useful guide on some of the aspects that would make you well-suited for breast uplift surgery. These include; physical health, fully developed breasts and sagging breasts. Alternatively, it would mean that you wouldn’t be the best candidate for surgery if you don’t possess such characteristics.

Perhaps, you might be too self-conscious about the look of your breasts, yet they are perfectly fine. You might desire to have even more perked up breasts, yet your surgeon would tell you authoritatively, that your breasts are perfectly normal. Actually, even if you do get a bit of droopiness later in life, it too would be something that is perfectly normal.

Being unhealthy would also put you at risk during surgery. Therefore, even if you may be a potential candidate for surgery, you would first need to be in good health before undergoing surgery. Some of the health conditions that may rule you out of surgery include: uncontrolled diabetes, dry/ broken/ hardened breast skin, breast cancer, and cellulitis (an infection that affects soft tissue within your breasts).

Moreover, it’s never advisable to perform surgery on undeveloped breasts. Since the breasts haven’t yet fully developed, it may not be clear enough how they would actually appear later on.

3. Are You Planning on Child Birth or Breast Feeding?

Surgery of your breasts may affect your ability to breast feed afterwards. Therefore, it would only be wise to avoid surgery if you intend to get pregnant or breast feed later on.

In some instances, you might also want to consider whether you will really benefit from surgery before going ahead with the operation. This is something that well-endowed women might need to consider, since the results of a lifting procedure may not last as long as it would in women with smaller breasts.


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March 5

Top 5 Reasons For Getting A Tummy Tuck Surgery After Pregnancy

download (3)We all know (especially women) that having a baby changes a lot of things in our lives. A woman who becomes mother would hardly get a straight hour sleep, she would have to stop partying for some time and of course her flat stomach and perky breasts will not be there anymore.

However, there’s no need to get disappointed when it comes to your physique because with the help of various cosmetic surgery procedures, you can easily get your toned body back. One of these highly beneficial cosmetic surgeries is a tummy tuck, which gives your pre-baby body back.

  • What a Tummy Tuck Surgery Can Do

A tummy tuck (medically known as abdominoplasty), can easily make your stomach flat, tight and toned once again. It’s quite common and normal for women to end up getting a stomach pooch after having a baby, even in women who had flat tummies before becoming pregnant. Considering your specific needs and concerns, a tummy tuck surgery can help to remove extra fat from the abdomen area, tighten skin or muscle, and to conceal various types of scars, like c-section scars.

Here are top 5 reasons for getting a Tummy Tuck surgery after pregnancy.

  1. If You Have Extra Skin In The Abdominal Area

During your pregnancy, the skin in your tummy area stretches out and stretch marks clearly prove it. The problem is that the skin won’t bounce back to its shape back again once you deliver the baby. This surgery can work wonders by removing the extra skin in the abdominal area.

  1. To Remove C-Section Scarring

It is a highly effective surgery for covering up different types of scars. A C-section gives a scar running across the abdomen and a tummy tuck will easily conceal the scar by lifting the skin over it.

  1. Diastasis recti

Some women experience after pregnancy a separating of the abdominal muscles known as diastasis recti. A tummy pooch, back pain and constipation can occur due to the split muscles. A full surgery will tighten the muscles, as well as the skin.

  1. You Want To Increase Your Confidence Level

A Tummy tuck surgery, which is performed after pregnancy improves not only the physical appearance of your abdominal area, but also increases your confidence level. After the surgery, you’ll love the way you look and make you more confident in your appearance.

  1. You’re Finished Having Children

One of the most common reasons for getting this surgery is that you’re finished having kids and what to have a perfect body. Often surgeons suggest that you should wait until you’ve finished giving birth to your last child. This will help to ensure that results of this surgery are not affected by future pregnancy.


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February 26

A Guide on Recovery and Cost for Labiaplasty Surgery

download (2)A Labiaplasty surgery is one that is carried out on the female genital region. The most common surgeries consist of a Labia minora reduction and a Labia majora reduction. It is very easy to comprehend just by looking at the names of these procedures, the surgery mostly involves the reduction of the amount of tissue in either the minor labia or the major labia. The major is the pair of outer lips while the minor is for the inner ones.

Reason for a Labia surgery

The most common reasons that women give for availing this surgery is that they are unhappy with their vulva appearance. This procedure is for cosmetic reasons commonly. Women who have an elongated or an enlarged labia may sometimes feel very conscious when they are wearing tight clothing and certain types of swimwear. This is because the outline of the labia is visible very easily. This can also cause many women to feel extremely self- conscious during an intimate amount contact.

Discomfort of Labia surgery

After the surgery more often than not, women experience discomfort during various activities. These activities include walking, cycling, jogging, horse riding, sexual intercourse and exercising. Hence in order to recover as soon as possible, doctors recommend to avoid any type of physical activity even thought it might not be painful. Other instances of discomfort arise when clothing like bikinis, thongs and tight pants are worn.

Causes of a large labia

The most primary cause of a labia can be bought down to genetics. It is natural for some women to have an elongated labia. As she ages, she will lose her skin tone and muscles. Also some women may notice that their labia becomes even more elongated as time passes by. A women may also undergo a few physical changes to her labia pre or post pregnancy and/or childbirth. This labia can also undergo changes in the shape or size due to the trauma that is related to some type’s pf accidents.

Before you move on and proceed with the surgery, you will have to take references of good and experienced doctors. An experienced doctor can perform the surgery and you can get best results as soon as possible. Thus go ahead and visit a surgeon whom you feel can do the job. References can go a long way as far as your doctor is concerned. It is one of the important things to remember.


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February 22

Tips to Recover From a Labiaplasty Surgery

download (1)Many women in recent times are giving in to the Labiaplasty surgery. More often than not it is for cosmetic reasons. They are basically unhappy with the appearance of their vulva and they want to change it completely. Any women with an elongated or an enlarged labia will obviously feel conscious about it. Hence are now giving you a few important tips that can help you to recover from this surgery.

1. Ask for help

This is an outpatient surgery which means that you need someone to drive you around. There must always be someone with you, preferably a family member who must do all the work for you at least for a day or two. Do not smoke, drink or take any vitamins during this period.

2. Start activities

You need to start physical activities as soon as possible. This can help in reduction of swelling and also lowers the chance of a few blood clots. However, avoid driving and sex for at least 6 weeks as there is always a risk of some complications.

3. Care of incision

You need to avoid any type of infection. Thus take care of your incision. There must not be any drainage or oozing as these are signs of an infection. Also place dry and clean dressings over the incision to wick away the moisture and to prevent irritation.

4. What should your expect

There will be some amount of discoloration and swelling for around 2 weeks and in some cases longer. There can also be some numbness around the area and in some cases pain. Don’t get worried about all these because they are completely normal.

5. When to contact the doctor

You will need to contact your surgeon or doctor when any situation reaches a point where it is unbearable. If you have an increase bruising or swelling also, redness along the incision, if there is an increase amount of pain and if there are side effects to your medication.

6. Appearance of the area

You need to take care of the appearance of your area as well. A good appearance means that things are going well down there. There should be less tissue accumulated there. The scars will be reddened for around 3 months after which they will soften and fade gradually. Don’t worry about the redness as it is normal and there are no problems associated with it.


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February 12

What Treatment Options Exist For Correcting A Capsular Contracture After Breast Augmentation?

images (1)What is a Capsular Contracture?

Capsular contracture is a rare, but concerning complication of breast augmentation. While breast augmentation continues to be one of the most common aesthetic procedures undertaken in the USA, capsular contractors can and do occur. Capsular contracture refers to a process where your body forms an abnormally hard shell around your implant, causing pain, discomfort, and loss of the breast shape. While this complication is obviously concerning, we routinely treat this unfortunate complication at our facility for all types of patients. As with all types of plastic surgery, treatment of this problem begins with defining the problem and how it specifically effects you.

4 Stages of Capsular Contracture

Grade I Capsular Contracture

To begin, all breast implants cause creation of a capsule. The magnificent machine that is the human body recognizes the presence of a foreign body internally. It then creates a soft capsule around the breast implant that is completely organic and physiologic. This capsule is actually quite helpful for both patient and plastic surgeon, as it creates a permanent “home” for the breast implant. This type of capsule is considered a Grade I capsule. No treatment or surveillance is necessary at this stage. This is actually what both patient and plastic surgeon want to have. Grade I breast is normally soft and appears natural in size and shape

Grade II Capsular Contracture

When the capsule begins to thicken up, and the implant feels slightly firmer, but does not change its overall shape, the capsule is then considered a Grade II capsule. The good news is that surgery is usually NOT indicated. In these instances, we treat the capsule through medical and mechanical means only. Lymphatic massage, ultrasound therapy, and the use of Zafirlukast can often reverse thickening at this stage, and salvage your augmentation. Grade II breast is a little firm, but appears normal.

Grade III Capsular Contracture

The next stage of capsular contracture involves continued hardening of the implant capsule, but now the hardening has changed the overall shape of your implant and/or breast. Grade III breast is firm and appears abnormal. This type of contracture is considered Grade III, and is obviously extremely distressing to women, but it can be treated!! Treatment involves a careful balance of medical and surgical management, and as always, it relies upon wide open communication between our staff and you. In this stage, the capsule has created a mechanical compression of the implant. These patients do require surgical revision. As always, the type of surgery used is individualized to the patient, and we have a number of different approaches to choose from:

    • Partial Capsulectomy – This procedure involves removal of only a portion of the capsule. This is our least common procedure for treatment of contracture, but it does play a role for some patients who have a focused area of scar contracture. Typically, this type of procedure is done on patients who have not had appropriate unilateral descent of their implant. Surgery involves removing only the offending area of capsule. Post-operatively, patients are started on lymphatic massage and medical therapy. In appropriately selected patients, this treatment is very effective, but not all patients are candidates for this approach. We do not use surgical drains with this procedure.


    • Total Capsulectomy – This operation removes the entire capsule and all associated scar tissue with your existing implant. Once the implant and capsule are removed, a new implant is placed after the entire area is irrigated with a triple antibiotic solution. This type of procedure may also require a breast lift be done simultaneously, depending on the shape and size of the breast.


    • Neopectoral Pocket – This operation uses the abnormal capsule to our advantage! In this procedure the capsule is meticulously dissected free from the surrounding breast tissue and muscle. Once this is complete, the capsule is then collapsed down to the chest wall and oversewn to provide more projection and volume to the new implant. This is a fantastic approach to contracture, and it provides some of our best results. Unfortunately, a small 8mm surgical drain is required on each side for this procedure. The drain usually removed between days 3-5 after surgery. This is a highly specialized procedure that we perform.


    • Implant Plant Exchange with Strattice – There is a great deal of long-term clinical data that suggests that implants placed above the muscle may have more capsular contracture than implants placed below the muscle. If you have an above the muscle implant with contracture, the treatment of choice is total capsulectomy, removal of your current implant, and placement of a new implant beneath the muscle with a Strattice sling. This procedure is our most common form of revision, as it provides a soft, natural look to your breast. Strattice is a type of biologic mesh that revascularizes once inside your body. It essentially becomes part of the breast structure, providing a permanent internal support bra for your implant in its new position.


  • Implant Removal Only – This is a very viable approach to treating contracture, and while most clients wish to save their augmentation, many do not want to keep their implant. Removal of the entire implant without capsulectomy can be done with local anesthesia only. In this approach, the capsule is left behind, but it will commonly soften up over time. In cases where it continues to be hardened, secondary capsulectomy can be used at a later date to reduce internal scar burden.

Grade IV Capsular Contracture

The last stage of capsular contracture, Grade IV, involves a permanent dull throbbing pain, and commonly, a sense that the breast feels cooler to the touch. As with Grade III, your treatment options are the same. Patients again are maintained post-operatively on maximal medical therapy (massage, Zafirlukast). Use of total capsulectomy with Strattice sling is very common in this group. Grade IV – the breast is hard, painful to the touch, and appears abnormal

In summary, there are multiple treatment options available for women who have experienced capsular contracture of their breast implants. Treatment options vary from non-surgical treatment options to implant removal. Capsular contracture does not necessarily require permanent removal of the implant.


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February 6

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

downloadThe key aspect of determining the cost of rhinoplasty is the surgeon’s professional fee. But figuring out how to choose a rhinoplasty surgeon who could deliver the desired outcome and compensate every cent paid for this surgery is usually the hard part.

When you are trying to find a rhinoplasty surgeon, much care should be considered before finally selecting your doctor. You should be in a position to list and know their qualification as a surgeon to determine if they are capable of performing rhinoplasty surgery.

Education and Training – This is the most critical qualification of a rhinoplasty surgeon. His education and learning ought to be extensive from a trustworthy institution and should finish them with flying colors. Their ability and expertise should be perfected from practical experience with their residency in outstanding facilities under the wing of reputable doctors.

Accreditations – Training ought not to stop after finishing of medical school as well as never even after acquiring a medical board accreditation. A medical expert who professes to be skilled in his domain needs to have accreditations, which confirms his taking part in extensive training and workshops relevant to rhinoplasty surgery.

Adept on Current Technology – He has to be familiar with the new discoveries in surgical strategies. Clinical knowledge also has to reveal that the surgeon will be able to participate in a number of operations fairly often.

Set an open communication – The right surgeon is one who can communicate well with his clients. In this manner, you will not hesitate to tell him of something that you believe towards the surgery. There will be a straightforward flow of advice and familiarity with every critical element relating to the procedure.

Referred by Others – The best way to look into the personal characteristics of a nose reshaping cosmetic surgeon is to definitely know a reference individual who has gone through the treatment with that doctor. Find out about his personal expertise, of course, if whether or not she/he recommends the physician to you personally and her friends.

Customer Feedbacks – Testimonies from recent patients are all essential. They sum up the skills of the doctor through their assurance that they had and achieved the envisioned end results without any subsequent issue. Many of these customer feedbacks are posted on the doctor’s site as your reference.


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