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Breast Lift: Myths Vs Facts

download (6)Are you new to surgical cosmetic procedures and do not know whether what you have been told is myth or fact? Here are a few misconceptions that surround breast lift surgery that have been proven to be simply myths.

1. Chest Exercises Will Keep Your Breasts From Sagging

Fact: Exercises will help improve your pectoral muscles, which are found beneath the breasts, but they will have no effect on the positioning of your breasts. Breasts tend to sag as a result of various factors such as age, weight fluctuations and heredity. Breasts are made of fatty cells and contain no muscles. Hence, chest exercises may improve the appearance of breasts as a result of exercising the pectoral muscles underneath, but there is no way to prevent sagging save for a surgical procedure.

2. High-Impact Exercises such as Running Will Cause Sagging of Breasts

Fact: There is very little research available on this particular matter; however, there has been no known link between high-impact exercises and sagging breasts. You are advised to wear a sports bra during exercise as this will help prevent a sore chest caused by your breast moving around too much. You are more likely to develop sagging breasts as a result of overexposure to the sun as compared to high-impact exercises.

3. Getting Breast Implants Will Make Your Breasts Perky

Fact: Plastic surgery is different for everyone as each person has his/ her specific needs. Different breast procedures have different results. For instance, breast augmentation will increase the size of your breasts, but may not necessarily make them perkier. However, a lifting procedure combined with breast augmentation may help your breasts look perkier.

4. Your Cosmetic Surgery Results Will Last Forever

Fact: Breasts will sag for a number of reasons such as weight, age and hereditary. A procedure involving lifting of the breasts will only cheat the clock for a few years; however, there is no way to prevent the ageing process. Breasts sag as skin loses its elasticity, and eventually its firmness. In as much as you cannot expect your breasts to look younger a few years after the procedure, they will look better than they would have had had you not done the procedure.

5. Fat Transfers Make Your Breasts Immune to Weight Fluctuations

Fact: The fat cells in your breasts are affected by weight loss just like the fat cells in other parts of your body. In as much as a breast procedure will make your breasts look youthful, there is nothing you can do to prevent the effect weight fluctuations will have on their appearance. You can prolong the results from your procedure by maintaining a constant and healthy weight.

6. Creams and Supplements Can Replace Breast Procedures

Fact: Do not fall into the trap of various products on the market, claiming that they can magically enhance the shape, size and beauty of your breasts. Because sagging is caused by natural elements such as the skin losing its elasticity, no amount of miracle portion will reverse that.


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