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Breast Augmentation: Complications Caused By Breast Implants

download (7)Whether you have a silicone or saline implant, which are the main types of implants used in breast augmentation, you face possible risks and complications that are likely to occur either in the early stages of surgery or during the latter stages. As much as the result of surgery may be quite appealing, it doesn’t mean everything would always go smoothly. On the contrary, augmentation procedures may have various complications.

Here are some of the complications you are likely to encounter:

During the Early Stages

Some issues that may arise during the early stages include:


Cosmetic surgeons normally use an antibiotic in order to avoid any infection that may occur when an individual decides to have an implant.

Some of the symptoms that show you are infected are itching of the nipple, redness and swelling of the breasts. Without appropriate preventive measures, such infection is one of the complications that is likely to occur.

Hypertrophic scars

This is the kind of scar that normally occurs on the skin as a result of surgery. Such scars are normally puffy, red and always stand out on the skin. The scar is likely to affect an individual who has undergone augmentation of the breasts. Fortunately, the percentage of individuals affected by such a scar is low, but it’s still a complication that is likely to occur.

Implant exposure

The implant can get exposed through an open wound that occurs when wounds separate and in turn expose the implant. This might require corrective surgery to close the wound back to the way it was.

Late Complications

These are the late or latter complications that are likely to occur:

Leakage or breast implant rupture

Breast implant rupture is a common complication that normally occurs with saline breast implants. When it ruptures, you can easily notice the symptoms of such rupturing.

With regard to silicone breast implants, it’s not that easy to detect any symptom that the implant has ruptured, which might pose certain health risks.

Imbalance of breast sizes

The sizes of your breasts may differ, with one breast being a little bigger than the other. This, in turn, forces an individual to go back for another surgery in order to restore balance in breast sizes.

Breast imbalance occurs when implants are not placed in the correct position or they start sagging, so they have to be corrected through surgery.

Loss of breast sensation

Surgery might affect sensitivity of the nipple; hence, you might not be able to experience any kind of sensation around the nipple. Fortunately, not every woman who undergoes this surgical procedure ends up losing breast sensation. A good number of people who have undergone surgery still maintain sensitivity of their breasts.

Despite such risks of complications, you can reduce your chances of developing such adverse effects by enlisting the services of a competent plastic surgeon. Such a surgeon would have extensive experience handling numerous surgical procedures, which would enable him/ her to easily identify and prevent potential complications.



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